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Are you in the market for your first tactical backpack or looking to upgrade your tactical bag backpack? Read on because we have one major tactical backpack feature you’re going to want to have. We explain the MOLLE system for a tactical backpack.

MOLLE stands for “modular lightweight load-carrying equipment” and it was created in 1997 specifically for the military with the idea of making a load-bearing system of add-ons (vests, backpacks, pouches, hydration bladders) that could allow them to organize everything they needed in one backpack, and create a strong attachment between both, so the add-ons wouldn’t fall even during situations like running, jumping or rolling on ground.

A MOLLE system consists of stitched rows of heavy-duty nylon fabric called a pouch attachment ladder system or “PALS” to a backpack or vest. MOLLE pouches and accessories are then attached to the stitches PALS. The idea is to create more space in a tactical bag, distribute pack and gear weight more evenly, and allow for better gear organization.

molle system for a tactical backpack

Molle Pals Pouches

Most, if not all, military tactical backpacks already come with a MOLLE/PALS system incorporated. These are the common types of MOLLE pouches compatible with tactical backpacks:

  • Firearm pouches: To carry ammo magazines, it also works to carry headlamps or Hand torches.
  • Medical pouches: To carry individual first aid kits.
  • Utility/Admin pouches: To carry everything that doesn’t need an organization like paracords or headlamps.
  • Hydration bladders and pouches: Attach and carry water

What are the benefits of using a MOLLE system for a tactical backpack?

  • You can carry all the gear you need without having a negative impact on mobility.
  • It is versatile because you can easily change or remove the pouches.
  • You won’t need to buy extra-large backpacks anymore.
  • It is customizable.
  • The system is extremely secure, it is meant to resist any type of outdoor condition.
  • You can organize the gear in an easier way.
  • Weight is distributed more evenly.
  • The pouches and the backpacks have a strong attachment meaning they won’t fall easily, which is important to avoid the chances of critical situations like magazines falling off in the middle of a tactical operation.
  • The system not only compatible with backpacks, but also to load-bearing vests, belts, rucksacks, and chest rigs.
  • You can organize the most important items in the outdoor of the backpack so you can reach them easily.
  • All MOLLE gear and accessories are compatible with each other.

What is MOLLE system for a tactical backpack?

How many times before a trip have you noticed that you ran out of space of your backpack and still hasn’t packed everything? That is a common situation. Although the MOLLE system was originally created for soldiers, outdoor adventurers and enthusiasts alike are find MOLLE gear to be a huge benefit. You can enjoy all the benefits of using the MOLLE system with your tactical bag backpack. It will help you to distribute the weight of the tactical backpack evenly taking the strain off of your lower back. It allows you to organize all your essential supplies and gear in the different pouches so you don’t have a hard time finding anything.

Since every piece of the MOLLE system is compatible with each other you know that you are not wasting your money because you can take advantage of all the parts of the system. You can put important items like the bottle of water or the first aid kit on the outdoor of the backpack. It makes the process of hanging a backpack easier and enjoyable.

Who uses it?

Of course, NATO, U.S military and the British armed forces were the first to use MOLLE systems, it is become a standard for anyone who carries a backpack, especially; survivalists, outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, weekend warriors, campers and the like.

How to attach it?

  1. First, you need to choose the place where you are going to place the gear.  Then choose the most comfortable place for you, experiment with the pouches on the top of the backpack. Do this to check which configuration you like the most before you attach it.
  2. Connect the snap, hold onto the slick stick’s end and thread the stick through the bottom. Then with the row of the nylon’s webbing, snap side up.
  3. Weave the strap or stick through the first row of the attachment’s backside that comes from the nylon’s webbing and tighten it as you go. Continue the process until all that remains are buttons and snaps on the top.
  4. Repeat the process on the multiple straps and slick sticks to secure the system.
  5. Secure the snaps or buttons to make sure the gear stays put.


The MOLLE system for a tactical backpack is a safe and secure way to have all your gear in one backpack. Once you learn how to configure it is going to become your best friend. Even if you are an adventurous person.

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