China Sourcing Agent

MTEK Imports and Exports

Since 2011 MTEK Imports and Exports have helped businesses buy direct from manufacturers in China.  As your China sourcing agent, we can help you find the best manufacturers for your product niche.

We have the experience to properly vet and audit certifications and licenses, implement quality control checks, manage the logistics to the U.S. as well as the domestic freight forwarding.

Over the years, our firm has helped companies source and import printed circuit boards (PCB’s), semi-conductors, LED products, CBD extraction equipment, smartphone LCD’s and most recently medical personal protection equipment (PPE), such as; N95, KN95 respirator mask, plus surgical masks, nitrile gloves and other gear. We’ve even designed and produced talking political figurines.

Why MTEK Imports and Exports as Your China Sourcing Agent?

So if your company is currently buying overseas, or thinking about looking overseas to buy direct, we need to talk. 

For more information on MTEK Imports and Exports acting as your China sourcing agent, feel free to email us at support@mtekgear.com.


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