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Welcome to mtekgear.com.

MTEK Gear, LLC was started in 2011 when the owner was working in Shenzhen, China.

Originally, the company was started as sourcing company that helped U.S. based wholesale companies buy direct from overseas manufacturers. They audited and vetted factories, created and implemented quality control procedures, imported goods, and managed logistics.

In 2017, Rob moved back to the states, revised the company model and created a 2nd company, MTEK Imports and Exports, under the MTEK Gear, LLC umbrella.

In addition to sourcing factories, he opened a storefront and began importing and selling tactical gear, and safety and recovery products. This allowed him to keep his staff and create his own brand.

Today, MTEK Gear, LLC employs a staff of three in West Melbourne, FL and a staff of 5 in China.

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